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my title is Becky…and I've a mouse difficulty lol, anyhow i live in an apartment and it was all great and peachy right until one day I had been cleaning out the closet and found a Lil hole from the wall the dimensions of a quarter, i didn’t really Believe nothing of it until After i began to clear plus a Lil mouse ran above my foot. so i protected up the hole and went on with my organization, everything was alright till just a couple of days in the past After i began hearing Appears during the kitchen area, i went to go seem and i observed a Lil critter jogging forwards and backwards via a TINY crack from the wall with the sink to underneath the fridge. I obtained a flash light went and sat in the ground and stared for the mouse under the fridge for about five mins, it didn’t manage to thoughts me an excessive amount of regarding state that it just ongoing sitting there eating an onion peel. i went to The shop that night received one of these D-con matters and positioned it exactly where i were viewing the critter. i didn’t think that the D-con would kill it without delay so i bought all Imaginative and tried somin, I'd some of them fly catcher sticky issues a hangin which i hadn’t taken down from summer time nonetheless, so i took em down Minimize em into strips and placed them on the floor suitable wherever I'd see Ralph (thats what i named him) operate.

Are already webbing to if there have been any advancements considering the fact that then. Don’t see any proof of improvements.

Hello, iv just most right into a dwelling 5 months ago. Im terrified of mice and truly am concerned about them. I've tried glue traps and they have not worked.

cement mixed with dry meals: looks like an exceptionally effective Answer, but nevertheless may have to wash up Later on. potato powder/bicarb soda/gentle consume tips: may additionally do the job, Though there’s scant proof right here, only hearsay.

When you’ve Positioned a hole wherever a mouse enters and exits a area, smear on a small number of mint toothpaste.

I don’t Have a very idea, I have a few cats and a mouse issue beneath my sink, are unable to work out how they are obtaining there, I've plugged all of the holes they could get in, and I checked my dryer vent that is definitely on the surface of my property, but that vent goes instantly into my dryer……support?

Which was a while ago. I’m in a different put now and possess discovered mice yet again. The blasted points are in my sofa! I’m going to move and of course I don’t wish to bring the little buggers with me.

Because mice create so speedily, plus they’ve existed for A little more than a few weeks – we’re currently On this battle deeper than we could deal with. I hope Every single of you finds a method to work out of mice mess. Dangle in there.

Hi, I don’t Have a very idea but I am trying peppermint althought tonight sitting on my Laptop or computer trying to determine how to remove these little jerks I noticed just one twiddling with a mint a few musketeers wrapper so I am not to confident how properly the peppermint will function but I am so sick of it that I am going insane there has to be a thing that will get them I am positive of it!!!!!

For the final a few many years, each and every drop/winter I are finding mice. I've lived below for now eight years. I have tried using traps…they get to intelligent for all those.

Many thanks will test that just experienced five inside the kitchen area having a celebration turned the light on and did not even run absent a person even arrived out to say hi..

This most up-to-date episode of mouse-invasion has me so upset that check here I can’t sleep (they climb on my mattress!)or stroll close to with out fear, fearful one particular will leap on me. The most crucial mouse is so Unwanted fat, I’m scared she’s pregnant & there will before long become a colony of infant mice!

I designed my own traps and they get the job done wonderful. take a two liter soda bottle and Slice of the very best ideal underneath the rim. now place a supply of foods like crackers or anything into the bottom with the bottle. take a butter knife and distribute some peanut butter all around the inside with the bottle (for scent and scent masking) distribute it inside the mid section with the bottle.

I have attempted the one particular you plug right into a wall outlet and the mice had been long gone. i haven't seen any for the last 6 months. It really works fantastic.I feel it really works on audio waves.

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